Inno GeoCity
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Inno Geocity

Spread over a lavish 131 acres, Inno GeoCity is a vibrant mix of residential, mixed use, institutional and commercial development. A green movement corridor forms the central spine of Inno GeoCity, tying the northern part to the south across a central stream, linking to destination nodes at the ends of the spine. The northern portion comprises of villas, row houses and semi independent houses with essential social and civic amenities. Taking advantage of the highway proximity, premium high rise developments are planned at the southern end of the site. The north and south feature a neighbourhood each – self sustained units with amenities, open spaces and parking. The destination nodes comprising of hotels, service apartments and hospitals at the northern and southern ends will cater to the community at large.

Project Highlights

  • 65% open space
  • Wide range of dwelling units – villas, row houses and bungalow apartments
  • Independent parking facility for each house
  • Commercial buildings
  • Service apartments
  • Landscaped gardens