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welcome to villa vivianaa

Your private estate in Bengaluru.

Built in 120 acres of land, these 740 Villas are truly designed for a truly imperial experience.

A space for the mind, heart and soul that leaves very little to imagination.

Where every blade of grass, every sliver of polished steel mellow marble and warm wood radiates charm and charisma.

With greenery that entice you to go out right here at home. Feel the grass beneath your feet. Dance to the music in the air. Find an adventure to embark on. Lose yourself in a tropical paradise. Go where your soul desires with nature by your side every step of the way.

Step on to your balcony in the morning with a cup of coffee and be greeted by the chirping birds, the crispiest of air and lots of lush green trees. Refresh your soul and get yourself ready for your brand new day. At Villa Vivianaa what you would get is not just a home to live. But a whole new world of experience which would transform the way you live. Be it your living room where you need the space to think and make some big decisions or be it your bedroom where you need the calm to hear every whisper from your loved one, be sure that Villa Vivianaa brings you the perfect ambience for it all.